martes, 2 de abril de 2013

Musicality for swing dancers

Some notes about the AABA 32-bar song form. I'm still figuring out how to insert the 6 count steps. I guess they fit in a 32 bar form with 4 six count and 1 eight count. Doesn't is it very rigid? I don't know. Any idea? I recently discovered and i love it, by the way.

PD: I've recieved a kind response of Christian, author of the post:

I guess, it depends on the dance level. To a beginner, I indeed would say 4x six counts and 1x eight count. But you also could do 2x6 / 1x8 / 2x6. And with further practice you would't stay within the sections all the time, you would link them together and mix 6 and 8 counts more freely.

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